Royal Masquerade | Praga | 24th Early Music Festival

29th of Jully 2023, 7 p.m.

On July 29, the Cracovia Danza Ballet will visit Prague at the 24th Early Music Festival.

In the Vzlet Cultural Center in Praga, Cracovia Danza Ballet dancers will present the show Royal Masquerade to live music.
The spectacle refers to the extremely fashionable masked balls organized at European courts in the 16th century, especially during the carnival.
The spectacle presents the most famous dances in the 16th century in the Italian and French styles, among others: Pavana, Gagliarda, Volta, Gavotte, Baletto. Most of them are recreated on the basis of the treatises of the dance masters of the time: Fabrizio Caroso, Cesare Negri, Thoinot Arbeau.
During the court masquerade, an important role is played by 16th-century masks, which, like in a carnival, allow you to hide your identity, freely flirt and intrigue.


Staging and choreography – Romana Agnel
Original choreography from the 16th century - Fabrizio Caroso, Cesare Negri, Thoinot Arbeau
Costumes – Monika Polak-Luścińska
Masks - Maciej Luściński

Performers: Dancers of the Cracovia Danza Ballet



You can read about the event on the organizer's website.
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