Les Boreades | Rameau | Tokyo | Japan

8th i 10th December 2023

For the second time, our director Romana Agnel and dancers Nicoleta Giankaki and Michał Kępka took part in the international production in Tokyo, Japan. During the Hakutopia 2023 International Music Festival, they prepared and performed the opera Les Boreades by Jean-Philippe Rameau.

Les Boréades is a tragédie lyrique mise en musique, or a lyric tragedy put into music, a type of opera, in five acts by Jean-Philippe Rameau (1683-1764). It is the last of his five such works. The libretto, attributed to Louis de Cahusac (1706–1759), is loosely based on the Greek legend of Abaris the Hyperborean and includes Masonic elements; the Boréades are the descendants of Boréas.

Alphise, Queen of Bactria, is in love with Abaris, whose origins are unknown. According to the traditions of her country, Alphise must marry a Boread, one of the descendants of Boreas, the god of the North Wind. Determined to marry Abaris, Alphise abdicates, angering Boreas who storms into the wedding and abducts Alphise to his kingdom. With the help of Apollo and the muse Polyhymnia, Abaris sets off to rescue her. He challenges Boreas and his sons with a magic golden arrow. Apollo descends as deus ex machina and reveals that Abaris is really his son by a Boread nymph. Therefore, there is no longer any obstacle to Abaris and Alphise's marriage.
Les Boreades

Premiere 8.12.2023 Tokyo, Japan

Music: Jean-Philippe Rameau
Libretto: Louis Jean Baptiste Cahuzac
Conductor and 1st violin: Ryo Terakado
Directed by: Romana Agnel
Choreography: Pierre-François Dollé
Performers: Orchestra and Choir: Les Boréades (orchestra of early instruments). dancers of the Cracovia Danza Ballet Nikoleta Giankaki, Michał Kępka and Sarasa Matsumoto
Solo vocalists: Camille Poul, Cyril Auvity, Kei Yonashiro, Yousuke Taniguchi, Hisahiro Yamamoto, Ayako Yukawai others.
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